Terms and Conditions

CPR California guarantees 100% satisfaction to our students who have completed the course with a passing grade. We offer a full refund for the medical provider course if our students are dissatisfied or if the CPR certification is not accepted in California. Student who purchase the non-provider course are not eligible for a reimbursement, as those courses are not intended for official certification for medical personnel. It is the responsibility of the student to verify the specific requirements of the employer before purchasing our course.

CPR California provides 100% online curriculum and testing. The certification states that our students have passed the exam with a grade that our medical advisors recommend for responsible CPR practices. The certification is not an official American Heart Association certification. The AHA does not provide accreditation to any 100% online educational class. All candidates should verify with their employer if they accept exclusively online certification.

CPR California accepts no responsibility or liability if a graduate of our program is negligent in the service of a patient or anybody else. We recommend that our students stay current with the most recent ECC and AHA guidelines. It is not the responsibility of CPR California to update past students on guideline changes and other changes to emergency medical practices. Our classes, however, will always be up-to-date with the latest guidelines. We take no responsibility if our students perform negligent CPR practices that result in the following: injury, loss of life, mental injury, and emotional injury on another person. Our students take full responsibility for their actions and CPR California holds no liability for the actions of the students that pass both the medical provider course and the personal course.