At CPR California we understand the need to exercise extreme caution in protecting our customers and providing the most privacy. The purpose of this page is to describe how we protect and use the information that our customers share with us. Our customers interact with our service in a number of different ways. These are, purchasing our courses, browsing our website, contacting customer support and recommending our site to other people.

Email – If you contact our CPR California Training customer support team through email, we will categorize and archive your email. We will never give your email address to a third party for any reason unless you specifically direct us to. The reason that we archive emails is to keep a record of all of our customer service tickets in order to settle future disputes or for training purposes.

Data – California CPR retains personal data when a customer purchases our course. Our shopping cart is secured and your personal information is held safe. We will not share personal information with a third party. The information is used to provide CPR certification for people who pass our tests.

Other websites – Our privacy policy only applies to California CPR and every website included in the International CPR Alliance. This policy is not extended to any websites beyond our own.

Usage – After you purchase one of our courses we use your personal data to complete your certification and send the card. Any billing and credit card information that you provide will be used exclusively for the purchase of the course. We use a merchant gateway,, to process your payment. We will not share any credit card or financial information with a third party. We maintain this information for our company records and for refunds if necessary.

Protection – We will do everything we can to protect your personal information. We will not share your information with any third parties without your consent. We are not liable for any personal information that you submit to CPR California. We are not liable for any security breach with

If you have any further questions about our privacy policy please contact us.